FAQs - Yoga Thai Massage


Is this yoga service for you?

Where will the teachers travel?

Our radius includes Salt Lake City and the surrounding neighborhoods such as North Salt Lake, Bountiful, Murray, Holladay, Mill Creek, Sandy, Draper, Emigration Canyon. Additional travel fees apply for Park City, Little and Big Cottonwood Canyon, West Valley and the surrounding west cities.

What if I have never tried yoga before?

This service is especially for you! Having a private teacher will allow you to understand how yoga is supposed to feel, how yoga will benefit you, and just how far you should go in the practice.

How do I book my session?

How long are sessions?

We recommend an hour for most sessions, especially your first one. After that, you can book a session for any length of time that you like. If you want to try 90 minutes or even 120 minutes, we can accommodate you! We also can offer shorter sessions too.

How much do sessions cost?

The price will vary, based on how long your session is and travel time. Please inquire about our hourly rate. The rate is the same for all types of sessions. If you are interested in booking a package of sessions, discounts are available.

Let’s do this! Where do I book my appointment?

You can request a session by filling out our Book Now form. This doesn’t guarantee your booking, but upon submittal, we will respond with any questions and send you an online invoice for payment. Once that is completed, you will be confirmed!

How do I prepare for my first session?

Do I need any fancy yoga stuff?

You do not! We supply a yoga mat, yoga props, and anything else that you may need for your practice.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in.

What about food and drink?

It’s good to hydrate before you practice. Try not to intake too much food or drink right before, as you will be twisting and moving, which could cause some discomfort on a full stomach. Try to complete any meals at least an hour prior. If you must drink during the practice, try to have room temperature or hot water available instead of ice water.